There are different ways to buy traffic depending on your purposes, goals and the type of site you are buying traffic to.
Buying traffic by niche is the easiest way to get good feeder traffic to niched free sites (TGPs, MGPs, etc). The productivity of this traffic on your site will be average and a big advantage of buying niche traffic is that you can order high amounts to boost your site's trades as well.
For the highest possible productivity, we recommend buying traffic by domain. Choose the domain with an appropriate niche, content type and with thumb sizes equal or smaller than the thumbs on your site. This will lead to the best results. If ordering direct from domains, try to order traffic from 3-4 different domains to avoid traffic drops during the day.
If you have a non-english site or site with a specific country audience, the best choice is to buy traffic by country.
Traffic from the special types section is not supposed to be used for feeding TGP/MGP sites! 95% of this traffic will not be counted as coming from your site in most trade scripts. Moreover you can be banned by your traders for sending them such traffic. This traffic can be used for special conversion schemes.
You can apply geo filtration to every order, except direct country orders. For a small additional fee you can filter out non-desirable countries from your orders as well.
Another filter you can use is a blocking filter that allows you to block specific domains. This can be useful if you buy traffic by niche or mixed niche and want to block some referrers which do not fit your goals.
Tip: Good results could be achieved by buying traffic from mixed niche sources and applying an appropriate blocking filter. Here's how you do it. Start with an order of 1000 mixed niche hits without any domains blocked. After it has run its course, check your site's trade script for the top referrers in received traffic. Add these referrers as disabled trades in your trade scrip so you can track productivity from each domain. Estimate the productivity with next 1-2k hits. After that you will find from which domains the traffic shows the lowest productivity. Add these domains to your domain block filter at Traffic Shop. Now you are filtering out non productive traffic and can enjoy good quality for a lower price. Remember that top referrers in mixed niche may change over a period of tie, so you should check your top referrers for received traffic once every 2-3 days for best results.
For every order you can customize the hourly distribution of his in the smart hour delivery menu (see dashboard). You can set variable forces for every hour from 0 to 23. Use it only if you are an advanced user and sure of what you are doing. This option can help your site to drive more traffic to trades in specific hours when the total amount of traffic is lower than average.
If you buy traffic from niches or from mixed niche it is good to know its productivity on your site so you can optimize your buying campaign. In most trade scripts traffic you buy from will be treated as no-trade traffic. As a result, it is mixed with other no-trade traffic (it can be SE, links from boards, etc) and you can't define exact productivity of the traffic you buy.
There are some solutions and methods that allow you to track productivity in different trade scripts. For ATL/ATX trade scripts you need to use an additional tracking module. Visit ArrowScript's homepage and forum for more information.
Several popular trade scripts (Proton, Progress and Trade Pulse) can track hits from different sources with their own ref parameter. To use this you need to add as a disabled trader a domain name of your choice, for our example we will use Now go back to Traffic Shop. For the url you want to get traffic sent to you would take the domain you entered as a disabled trader and your site's URL and write it as the following: is the site you are buying traffic for. is the URL you entered in your trade script as a disabled trader.
This way you can see your feeder productivity of the traffic you purchased in your trade script under the trader.
You need to be very experienced in traffic converting to buy traffic directly to pay sites and generate any revenue from it. In 99% of cases, buying traffic directly to your pay site tour will not work. It will always better to use some landing page with good hand-picked free samples and considered ad spaces. This way you can get more targeted traffic to your pay site tour pages.
For such purposes we suggest you to use direct domain orders with geo filtration applied. In most cases individual methods are needed, feel free to contact our support team to work out the best way we can feed your paysites traffic.
There are several ways to sell your traffic to

a) Forces
If you use a trade script you can add as a trader. In the URL field for this trader you should set your personal link for selling traffic, which will look like this: (see your TrafficShop admin dashboard)
This is the easiest but not the smartest method as it may cause some deviations in your traders out list, which can result in traffic drops. Be careful with the force amount to avoid this.

b) Text links
This is really the most harmless way to sell us traffic. Using this method won't affect your traders and your outgoing productivity in any way. You just need to place a bunch of text links with good anchors that all link to your account ( Usually the links are placed below the blocks of thumbnails on TGP/MGP sites.
Selling traffic this way your clicks will have a higher productivity and will be sold at a higher average price. The only disadvantage is that the amount of traffic you send to is quite low and you can't manage it or force more hits.

c) Thumbnail spots
This is the most popular way for selling traffic. You just need to assign the exact thumb spots on your site which will lead to via your personal link. Do not use your trade script and set 100% skimming from this spot to Make it something like 50% to your trades and 50% for selling.
Some advices to increase your traffic quality and get higher revenue:
- do not place selling spots in the first two rows of thumbnails
- do not place more than 20% of thumbnails as a selling spots (the best is 5-10%)
- do not place more than 1 selling spot in the row
- place your selling spots random, try not to place them in every row after the 3rd (ex. 3, 5, 7 row etc) It will increase your uniqueness, productivity and selling percentage.
Remember that every selling spot equals 0% skimming to content for a surfer. So you need to increase percentage of clicks to galleries for other spots. Try to set your content skimming no lower than 55%, otherwise your outgoing prod can be very low.
For this selling method we also recommend you use a dynamic backurl to treat your return traffic the best way possible. See the user guide for more information on the backurl.

d) Gallery traffic
In the case that you use your own galleries on your site you can sell some traffic to from your gallery pages, too. Remember that the surfer who visits your gallery is a very valuable one – he is a potential buyer of a paysite membership. You can place several text links in your gallery pages leading to (with your personal code) to get some extra revenue. Do not link any content thumbnails to because it is cheating the surfer and can be treated as 404 traffic, which does not accept.
There are customizable settings for selling traffic for our advanced Traffic Shop users:
- sell unsold niche traffic into mixed niche: if checked your unsold niche traffic is being sold through mixed niche categories. The price for mixed niche is a bit lower than niched price, but on the other hand it's always better to sell traffic than get it back because it is not compatible with the niche you set.
- sell traffic to sites with streaming movies content: if unchecked your traffic is not sold to sites with tube content. Useful for some high quality picture sites but can decrease your selling percentage.
- sell traffic to direct domain orders only: if checked your traffic is being sold only to direct orders from your domain. Be careful with checking this option because if there are no direct orders placed for your domain by our users, all of your traffic will be returned back to you.
- sell traffic to accounts with status: you can choose to sell traffic only to buyers with exact account status. In there are 4 account statuses: new – accounts created less than 1 month ago; normal – 90% of all accounts; trusted – accounts of well-known webmasters with good history; vip – account of well-known webmasters with great history and huge amounts of selling/buying traffic under their belt. Unchecking any of the check boxes here may decrease your selling percentage.
- minimal selling price threshold: here you can set the minimal price your traffic will be sold at. Do not set it too high because it may dramatically decrease your selling percentage.
Using blocking filters.
You can block sites from buying your traffic. If you find any sites inappropriate for your traffic put their URL into your personal blocking filter. This is not system ban or abuse, this is just your personal decision to not sell to them. The owner of the blocked site will not be notified in any way that you have blocked him.
It's very important to set real information in “resource type”, “content type” and “niche” fields while adding a new url for approve. Your traffic is tested according this information. Providing false information will result in low testing productivity and average price. So in general it lowers your revenue.
Using dynamic back-url allows you to treat your return traffic more carefully. The best way to use this option if you selling from specific thumb spots on your TGP/MGP site is to set the relevant gallery as a back-url for each selling spot. This way you increase your content % = your traffic quality. Here are the examples of template settings for SmartThumbs and StreamRotator thumb rotating scripts and at3 trading script.
SmartThumbs users:
For at3 trade script your script address field in SmartThumbs settings should look like this: cgi-bin/at3/out.cgi?s=#skim#&#u=#url#
You need to add a variable #var1# to this string before #url# parameter, so it should look like this after that: cgi-bin/at3/out.cgi?s=#skim#&#u=#var1##url#
Than you have to set some changes in the SmartThumbs template page for your TrafficShop selling spots. You need to add a "&var1=" line at the end of the selling spot template, so it should look like this: 
<a href="#url0_group1_categoryALL#100&var1="> 
Do not forget to replace PERSONALCODE with your personal selling link code from your TrafficShop admin area.

StreamRotator users:
use this subtemplate code for TrafficShop selling spots
<a href="streamrotator/out.php?l=#POS#&u=cgi-bin/at3/out.cgi?u=">

Do not forget to replace PERSONALCODE with your personal selling link code from your TrafficShop admin area.

General questions

  • How long does it take for a new site to be approved by your monitoring team?
  • It takes from 10 minutes to 1 hour on business days and might take a little longer on weekend.
  • What are the rules for buying and selling sites?
  • Please check the Terms section to find all the rules concerning buying or selling traffic as well as other useful information.
  • How often are the stats in admin area updated?
  • The stats in admin area are updated every 5 minutes.
  • What countries are considered as HQ (X1 package)?
  • HQ countries are: AU Australia, AT Austria, BE Belgium, CA Canada, CZ Czech Republic, DK Denmark, FI Finland, FR France, DE Germany, GR Greece, HU Hungary, IS Iceland, IE Ireland, IT Italy, LU Luxembourg, NL Netherlands, NZ New Zealand, NO Norway, ES Spain, SE Sweden, SK Slovakia, CH Switzerland, US USA, GB United Kingdom.
  • What countries are considered as English-speaking (X2 package)?
  • HQ countries are: AU Australia, CA Canada, NZ New Zealand, US USA, GB United Kingdom.
  • What countries are considered as German-speaking (X3 package)?
  • HQ countries are: AT Austria, DE Germany, CH Switzerland.
  • What countries are considered as French-speaking (X4 package)?
  • HQ countries are: BE Belgium, FR France, LU Luxembourg, MC Monaco.
  • What countries are considered as Spanish-speaking (X5 package)?
  • HQ countries are: AR Argentina, ES Spain, MX Mexico.

Buying traffic

  • I want to test your traffic quality. Can you send me some for free?
  • No, we can not. is a system which resells traffic from different website providers and we have to pay every owner for the traffic they send.
  • I've made an order. When do I start receiving hits?
  • You will receive the first hit as soon as we get any appropriate traffic from the seller's source site(s). Usually this is within 1-2 minutes after the order has been made. Smaller, more specific niches and sub-niches could possibly take longer, since there are lower volumes of that traffic, but generally within 1-2 minutes the traffic will start arriving.
  • If I order traffic from specific niche or directly from a domain, will I receive proxy and other crap traffic?
  • No, you will not. All traffic is cleaned of no-cookie, no-referrer, no-java script, proxy and AOL proxy surfers. If you buy traffic by niche or by direct domain order you will get only clean, quality traffic. All filtered traffic is available only by direct order in the special type section.

Selling traffic

  • What is a backurl?
  • Some of the traffic you send to our system cannot be sold for various reasons (low test quality, lack of niched or domain orders, bad countries etc). We return this unsold traffic to the backurl you define in your admin area. Also you can use the dynamic backurl for complete control of how and where returned traffic is sent to your sites. See the “Using dynamic back-url” for detailed instructions on its use.
  • I'm ready to sell my traffic through your system. What price can I expect?
  • The average price for your traffic depends on different parameters (the niche you sell traffic in, content type, etc.) But mainly it depends on the quality of your traffic: your productivity test results, source countries, languages, etc.
  • How much of my traffic do you take to test my domain's productivity?
  • We take 1% of incoming traffic from every domain.


  • What payment methods are available to TrafficShop users for making and receiving payments?
  • You can add and receive funds from your TrafficShop account using Payoneer prepaid MasterCard®, major credit cards, bank wire, PayPal or Paxum.
  • How long does it take to process incoming and outgoing money transfers?
  • We process all money transfers manually, so it takes about 24 hours on business days for incoming and from 24-72 hours for outgoing transfers. Payments are not processed during the weekend.
  • How often is the sum on the balance updated?
  • The sum on your balance is updated in real time.
  • Can I use your system for exchanging electronic currencies?
  • No, you can't. Accounts being used for exchanging electronic currencies are banned by our abuse team.
  • What is the minimal payout I can request?
  • The minimum payout for most payment types is $50 USD.
  • Is there any commission for money transfers?
  • There is no commission for incoming transfers. For outgoing transfers we charge from 1-3% depending on payment method.