You can edit your active campaign any time by going to “Manage campaigns” and choosing the campaign you want to edit. If the changes were done to update the targeting options - no re-approval of the campaign is required. Though if you added another URL in the “Multiple landing pages” or changed one your banners- the campaign will be sent for re-approval to the monitoring department.

Advertisers can choose between different types of traffic quality ( normal, good, premium, low prod and remnant). The basic price you see in the Traffic Estimator on your right is provided based on the “Normal” traffic quality.

Were we offer the choice of type of content of the sites you are buying from: picture, movies and tube sites. 

By choosing “Multiple landing pages” option when creating a campaign you can add up to 10 landing pages in 1 campaign and assign a weight (% of delivery probability to each of the landing pages). Weight can also be assigned automatically (total sum is 100%). Landing pages/domains which were already approved before will have weight parameters on default.The weight of landings which were not approved/declined will equal to 0 (zero)

Yes by using the “Copy campaign” sign in the “Manage campaigns” section you can create a copy of the campaign you already running

Here are some reasons why your campaign is not getting trYou ran short of budget 

  1. Your daily budget has been reached and the traffic will resume only at 00:00 next day
  2. Your total volume of traffic which was originally set up for the campaign had been reached. You can update the total amount of traffic in the campaign settings and the traffic will resume
  3. Your bid is lower than the rest of the buyers (when it comes to high demand geos or niches it can easily happen). Check your bidding position inside the campaign in “Adjust bid” area
  4. Your selected targeting is limiting the traffic. Check the numbers in the estimator inside the campaigns settings to make sure the system has the traffic with your targeting or contact us at [email protected] and the account managers will evaluate the potential of this campaign and get back to you.
  5. Your campaign got declined/ suspended. Usually we send out emails when the campaigns gets declined stating the reason of decline. Check your inbox or login to your account and mouse over the campaign status to see the reason. If the campaign got declined click on “Re-approve” sign in the last column on “Manage campaigns” and it will be sent to the monitoring manager for re-approval.
  6. CTR of your banners was extremely low to keep it live. When the CTR of your banners is lower than those of other advertisers the system distributes the traffic accordingly and it gets to the campaigns with creatives which has higher CTR. Check CTR of your banners and update your creatives accordingly.

You can target domains, cities and regions, languages, browsers, operation systems, niches/categories, devices, carriers (for mobile traffic) and IP ranges. Also you can choose to deliver traffic on specific days of the week, hours of the day (time and day partying).

We have traffic worldwide, also specific regions & certain cities are available for targeting.

We can target any geos worldwide. You can choose the location by Tier packages (Tier 1, Tier 2,Tier 3).Go to “Marketplace”, choose the Tier you need and create a campaign with the required Tier.

Available location list can be found in your Advertiser’s account. Once you login, click “Marketplace”, and you will see the list of all locations with different breakdown and rates. The prices in the list are based on “Premium” traffic quality. Use the switch to check the prices for the traffic with Normal quality.

Yes we have a feature of source sampling where you can choose to get a customized amount of traffic from each available source and the system will deliver it according to your settings. Check it out while creating/editing a RON campaign