General information about Trafficshop

What is Trafficshop?

TrafficShop is an online network for buying and selling online traffic. Publishers and Advertisers can make real money here.

Who is an Advertiser at Trafficshop?

Advertiser can be the product owner, affiliate or reseller of the traffic – Adverts include banners, pop unders, skimmed traffic both on desktop and mobile. There is a set of convenient instruments in our interface which help advertisers build up the campaigns for buying traffic, which anyone can follow.

Who is a Publisher in Trafficshop?

Publishers are selling traffic through Trafficshop. High fill rate and good rates are the reasons why most webmasters are using Trafficshop as their number one source for selling traffic. The traffic we do not sell is guaranteed to be returned to the back URLs you provide.

Which traffic types are available at Trafficshop?

You can choose between mobile and desktop pop unders, skimmed traffic and display banners.

What is a Pop under campaign?

Pop under ad opens a new browser window behind the main browser window. The user will definitely see your landing page when closing the browser window.

What is a Skimmed campaign?

Skimmed traffic is blind clicked traffic. The user clicks a link and the script is redirecting the user to the website of the advertiser in the same browser window, in a new tab.

What is a Banner ad?

A banner ad is an advertisement placed on the web or mobile version of the publisher’s website. The users are redirected to the advertiser’s landing page after they click on the banner.

Pricing models at Trafficshop?

We charge CPM and CPC. When choosing CPM you are buying traffic which is paid per thousand impressions or cost per mile (CPM). A price for advertising on each of selected channels (if you are buying by domain) or each location (if you choose to target certain locations) is set by advertiser or the system. You can either create campaigns with the minimum available bid or increase your bid and set up a higher price to get more traffic.

The bid you set is what you are going to pay for 1000 impressions. When buying on CPC (this model is available for banners only) you are paying for the clicks on your ad. You will be charged each time when somebody clicks on your banner. The CPC bid you set up is the price you are paying for each click.

What types of targeting does Trafficshop have?

You can target domains, locations, languages, browsers, operation systems, niches/categories, devices, carriers (for mobile traffic) and IP ranges. Advertisers can also use the following campaign features: total volume capping, uniqueness/frequency capping, per hour volume, daily budget, daily amount of traffic, CPM/CPC price, choose to buy no-referral traffic and https traffic. Apart from that, we also offer a choice of quality types: normal, good, premium, low productivity and remnant. By setting up the quality type, you have the option to buy traffic at different rates.

GEOs at Trafficshop?

We can target any location worldwide. You can choose the location by Tier package (Tier 1, Tier 2,Tier 3) or run campaigns for individual locations. To choose certain locations in the campaign setting, you need to move it to “Allowed” and leave the ones you want to exclude in “Forbidden”.

Where can I find the list of all Locations with rates?

Available location lists can be found in your Advertiser’s account. Once you login, click “Marketplace”, “Traffic Market” and you will see the list of all locations with Tier breakdown and rates. The prices in the list are based on “Normal” traffic quality.

What currency should I use for the payments?

In our system we use USD, but you can make payments in any currency and it will be converted into USD on you account balance at Trafficshop.

Antifraud control at Trafficshop?

Trafficshop has an in- house monitoring and analytical technical tools which we use to control the traffic quality from publishers. Based on the results of the analysis the traffic can be classified as inappropriate and the traffic source and in some cases the publisher’s account can be blocked for security purposes.

How do I delete my account at Trafficshop?

You need to send a request to our support team at support@trafficshop.com using the email associated with your account at Trafficshop.

How to Get Started

How do I create an account at Trafficshop?

Simply go to the home page, choose the role of Advertiser or Publisher and click “Create account” button.

Do I need to wait when until you approve my account?

Yes, each account is verified manually. Please make sure all profile fields have been filled in correctly to make the verification process as smooth as possible.

Do I need to wait before you approve my domains?

Yes, if you submitted domains for selling traffic, these are approved manually by the monitoring team, it might take up to 2 hours of business hours. If the domain has been pending the approval or has been declined, feel free to contact us at support@trafficshop.com and will be happy to update you regarding the reasoning.

Do I need to wait before you approve my campaign?

Yes, each campaign goes through manual approval by the monitoring team, again it might take up to 2 hours of business hours. If the campaign has been pending the approval or has been declined, feel free to contact us at support@trafficshop.com and will be happy to update you regarding the reasoning.

What are the rules for buying and selling traffic?

Please check our Terms and section for buyers and sellers guidelines below.

Which tracking tokens I can use?

The following dynamic parameters can be added for tracking traffic behavior (conversions etc.) on the client side:
{order_id} - returns order ID, e.g. SK_17448
{campaign_id} - numeric campaign id without prefix (e.g. 10742)
{domain} - returns the source domain name, e.g. mysite.com
{country} - two-letter country code (e.g. US)
{timestamp} - returns current time in Unix format, e.g. 1315723590

Example of landing page url with dynamic parameters:

Do you provide API?

Yes, we have API, for more information please check documentation:
Advertisers API
Publishers API

Can I use your creatives? Do you have a design team?

We don’t provide any creatives. Advertisers are using their own creatives and landing pages.

I forgot my login/password, what should I do?

Use this form to request new password