Yes for both skimmed and pop under traffic you can use direct link which can be found inside your dashboard in “Manage sites/channels” section. 

First, you need to get an approval for your submitted domain/subdomains. Then go to manage sites and channels page and get popunder code/direct popunder link for your site. Popunder code could be customized, so you can setup parameters which will trigger popunder itself also  return url is available. While setting up the pop under code you can choose the Triggering method (the way pop under opens). Check out the “Popunder Code” setting in your account for details.

First you need to get approval for your submitted site. Then go to managing sites and channels and create a channel for your site with all necessary settings and finally place code on your site.

As your site is approved go to manage sites and channels page and create a native channel with all necessary settings to adapt native ads to your site’s content. Implement code of created channel on your site. Keep in mind that native ad block could have fixed size or adaptive depending your site layout.

Yes, if you submitted domains for selling traffic, these are approved manually by the monitoring team, it might take up to 2 hours of business hours. If the domain has been pending the approval or has been declined, feel free to contact us at [email protected] and will be happy to update you regarding the reason.

The price for your traffic depends on the geos you are selling us as well as the bids from advertisers. The traffic without referrer is getting sold into a separate category (the advertisers are offered to buy it at a 50% discount or block it from their main campaigns) so make sure you are passing us the referring site/domain which was approved in your account. For better tracking we recommend you using meta tag referrer in the header of your site.

We are ready to buy traffic from all geos as long as it complies with the quality standards of our services (free off bots, has clear referrer is not malware generated). In case some of the traffic is not getting sold you can send it somewhere else by applying the back URL for each of your domains.

Publishers are selling traffic through Trafficshop. High fill rate and good rates are the reasons why most webmasters are using Trafficshop as their number one source for selling traffic. You can use the back URLs for pop under and skimmed traffic to redirect your unsold inventory somewhere else.