For s2s tracking setup you need first to create the goal and add postback to your tracking system.

You need to add the parameter(depending of YOUR tracking system) and set it equal to {s2s_token} , so our system can understand that these needs to be replaced with unique volume. (Example:{s2s_token} )

Trafficshop supports any tracking system, which is able to create a unique value token on the side of the traffic buyer and send us back the conversion via postback. 
For your convenience we pre-integrated Voluum, Cake, Tune and Peerclick tracking systems. More information can be found here: Manage S2S tracking page.

When you create your goal put your offer link with Trafficshop tracking token into Check URL box. 

 Go to “Reports” chose ”Сampaign Stats” by pressing “Manage Columns” you can add to table any goals which you created before.

The following dynamic parameters can be added for tracking traffic behavior  (conversions etc.) on the client side:

  1. {order_id} - returns order ID, e.g. SK_17448
  2. {campaign_id} - numeric campaign id without prefix (e.g. 10742)
  3. {domain} - returns the source domain name, e.g.
  4. {country} - two-letter country code (e.g. US)
  5. {timestamp} - returns current time in Unix format, e.g. 1315723590
  6. {site} - publisher`s site domain, where the ad is shown, the same as the    {domain} (e.g.
  7. {site_id} - numeric identifier of publisher's website (e.g. 11712)
  8. {s2s_token} - s2s tracking parameter

( Example of landing page url with dynamic parameters:{domain}&oid={order_id} )