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Nik — support manager

ICQ: 691933472

Email: nik@trafficshop.com

Ari — monitoring manager

Email: ari@trafficshop.com

Katherine Lewis — sales manager

ICQ: 660713586

Email: katherine@trafficshop.com

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Alisya — sales manager

ICQ: 603250812

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Skype: allissia_skype

Our live chat and icq support works from 8.00 till 16.00 CET on business days.
Tickets and email support is provided 24 hours during business days.
If you have any urgent issues, please contact your personal manager.
On weekends please use email or submit a ticket.
We provide support mostly in English. Please use supported language when contacting us via email or ticket system. Tickets and emails in English are processed within 24 hours. It takes a bit longer (48-72 hours) to process tickets and emails in other languages.