TrafficShop | Landing page guide
April 18, 2019

Step 1 Know your goal.

You have to set a specifc, clear goal before you start designing your landing page. What do you want to succeed through your campaign? Why did you choose this method? What is your target audience? What do you expect? When you answer these questons, you will be able to start building your landing page efectvely.

Step 2 Choose an attractive Headline!

Get your audience's atenton by choosing a short – catching headline that “wakes up” the curiosity of your visitor.

Step 3 The proposition.

Is it valuable? Is it worth for your visitor to lose some minutes to pay atenton to the content and sign up? If not, so think about it once again. Your landing page has to promote something good enough for your visitor, otherwise he will go out within seconds. 

Step 4 Simplicity.

Just one word that you should have in mind before you start designing your landing page. One of the most vital specifcatons is to be as simple as possible. Just get to the point and avoid any extra form felds that you don’t really need. Be simple means that you help the visitor understand quickly your propositon and act fast without get tred or bored of your too much content. And this is how we go to the 5th step!

Step 5 Less words, more success!

Just tell to your visitors what they want. Stck to the point without useless informaton and help them to proceed as fast as possible to their feedback by clicking the call-to-acton buton. Speaking of the “call-to-acton” butonn

Step 6 Call-to-Action. 

So, so vital! This is the only clickable link (you can also make clickable your logo which will redirect your visitor to your regular website) you should include in your landing page. It is a must to place a clear call-to-acton buton at the top of the landing page.

Step 7 Ask for the basics, not a biography!

When you ask for your visitor to submit for newsleter or sign up, it’s beter to ask him for the most important informaton, like name and email. Not too much form felds because this increase the possibilites to get your visitor bored or too exposed and leave the page without conversion. 

Step 8 You can also add a video at the top of the page, a short one 

Max up to 3 minutes – the ideal is less than a minute though.This will make your page more enjoyable. 

Step 9 Attractive, simple and branding design of your landing page!

Remember to emphasize your brand through colour, graphics, general look and font choice (if you use larger font size at some points is a good idea). Landing page usually is not your normal website, but it should be similar or reminds of it. 

Step 10 No navigation bar.

In the landing page, it’s beter to have at the top or at the centre all the basic informaton the visitor would like to read. It’s not your regular home page, so keep it simple and avoid long scroll down.

Step 11 Choose to use one image, or two (at most).

We want the visitor to concentrate in the main message and the call-to-acton. Too much images may distract him from this goal!

Step 12 Last but not least at all, test test and test!

Do not forget that what works for one website might not work good for another. For this reason, it is very important to test the diferent versions of your landing pages before you start normally your campaign! 

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