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February 16, 2018 Meet us at The European Summit!

Portugal is calling!

Trafficshop will be at The European Summit in Cascais, Lisbon on March 02-05 with our Sales Director Alysia!
Book a meeting now at and let us help you boost your revenues! 

January 12, 2018 See you in Vegas!


For the 6th consecutive year #Trafficshop is heading to lusty Las Vegas for Internext 2018!

Our representative Alisya Strongs will be there 19-23 January. Feel free to get in touch to schedule a meeting if you are looking to buy or sell traffic at:



Skype: allissia_skype

December 27, 2017 A Fruitful 2017 and Promising 2018!

What a year!

Although it was only 365 days, the past year was momentous in many ways. A new office, new features, a fleet of new faces and over a 1.000 trusted publishers and advertisers made us proud of our services – 2017 was indeed a year to remember!  

Happy and Prosperous New Year to Everyone! 

December 01, 2017 A little decor goes a long way!

December is always a busy month for many companies, including ours. But here at Trafficshop, we always steal some time to add a festive cheer to our office!

Today we welcomed December by decorating our workplace with Christmas decorations. Not a bad way to start a new month! It was an excellent way for employees to express their creativity and bond while join in on the holiday spirit.

November 23, 2017 BLACK FRIDAY IS HERE !!!


Black Friday is here and we thought we should treat you with some exceptional deals! 

Only on 24th November, top up your account:

$500 and get +$50 as bonus 
$1000+ and get +$100 as bonus 

Contact your Account Manager to Claim the Bonus Now! 

Keep in mind that the offer is applicable for a one time payment which equals to $500 and $1000 in advertiser's account. 

November 16, 2017 Sports' Day - Beach Volleyball


Is there a better way to kick-off for the weekend?

Today we round up the team and head out to the beach for a volleyball tournament! What a fantastic way to cultivate team spirit while combining both competition and camaraderie.

We believe that such events strengthen the bonds within our team, as well as help create a stress-free and friendly atmosphere at work. Maximum productivity can only be achieved through team spirit and co-operation.

Our Sport Days are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face and be the talk of our work place for days to come!

November 10, 2017 Happy Birthday Vad!

At Traffichsop we view our employees as our most valuable asset and we never miss a chance to show that!

Yesterday we celebrated Vad’d birthday and we all had so much fun! Vad is one of our Sales Managers here in Trafficshop and an invaluable member of our team!

A little celebration was organized during the workday to mark the event while in the evening all the team joined for a bowling game.

But let the pictures do the talking!

November 03, 2017 5 Essential Reasons to Buy Internet

Every successful website needs regular flow of web traffic in order to prosper online.

If you are struggling getting eyeballs to your website, then you’re missing a key ingredient in your digital media mix which is called ‘buying traffic’. What buying traffic means? In its most basic definition, it’s when you rent advertising space on another website. And if the content on your site can be called a “King” the traffic to your site is definitely a “Queen”.

Maybe you’ve heard about it or perhaps you’ve thought about it, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Even worse, maybe you’ve tried it and it failed (because you didn’t go about it the right way).

We want you to reconsider it! So roll up your sleeves and let’s get started!


It can be a risky exercise to buy traffic from some new sources but if you buy traffic from a reliable provider (advertising network or traffic broker) is one of the safest transactions out there for a couple of reasons:


  • You can cancel a campaign at any time.

  • You can choose a network with a low minimum budget to get started.

  • You can decide how you want to target your ads to make sure they will reach the right audience.



Purchasing targeted traffic lets you narrow down your customers based on several criteria.

For example you are in full control of how many visitors you get or the campaign’s length when you buy targeted traffic for your website. Of course, the more traffic you acquire, the more potential customers you get but you can limit daily and hourly volumes up to your liking and budget.

In addition, targeted traffic gives you the option to select a geographical region from where you would like to receive your visitors. The region can be as little as a neighbourhood or as big as the entire world. Once you found a formula that works for you, nothing is stopping you from rolling it out and convert a paid visitor into a paying customer!



When it comes to paid traffic, there are no budget restrictions.

Purchasing website hits can be very affordable and it doesn’t have to break the bank. The most important thing, is to find a trusted provider who will tailor your traffic campaigns in order to get the most out of your money. Once you’ve hit a positive ROI, the only thing you need to do is to invest more money to your campaign to see more sales.

Traffic coming to your website from targeted audience can be extremely valuable to you. The more attention you attract to your site the more are the chances for high ROI.



When you buy web traffic monitoring tools supplied by the traffic provider are very important and receiving them in real time is even more vital. Make sure you have the ROI tracking set up your end to be able to optimize your traffic flow promptly.



When you buy traffic, you are not only increasing the number of potential customers, but you also get more bonus points from search engines, like Google.

In other words, you are essentially giving your organic search engine optimization the necessary boost to push you in front of your competitors on search engines’ result pages. While organic SEO would take months to show results, a combination with buying website traffic would certainly speed up the process phenomenally.



In the light of the above, if you buy website traffic, you are essentially getting a guaranteed audience. And if you’ve never used it before to boost your leads or sales, then give it a try and you will soon understand why all major players play in this space.



If you’re complete newbie, the last thing you want to do is start spending money across a bunch of networks.


Which is the best place to start and find a trusted partner? Answer =

October 30, 2017 New Feature: ADJUST YOUR BID

We are very glad to announce the launched of a very convenient feature of  'ADJUST YOUR BID' which is suitable for existing pop under and skimmed campaigns and allows you to use optimal bids and get top volumes for your campaigns!

August 16, 2017 Meet us in Amsterdam and Prague!

Come and meet TrafficShop’s team at Webmaster Access Amsterdam (8 – 11th of September) and TES Prague (14 - 17th of September)!

We’ll be there to take advantage of all the networking opportunities and exchanging leading business prospect that the events can provide. If you are looking to expand your website’s visibility or attract advertisers to your website, take this opportunity and let us help you.

We will be happy to meet current and potential clients to discuss cooperation opportunities, new traffic sources and advertising formats which have been added this year, help you optimize your campaigns, choose best traffic stragegy for your media needs.

Let’s have a good old face-to-face conversation and make some profitable deals!

Schedule an appointment with our team:

Alisya -Sales Director

Katherine-Senior Sales Manager


May 09, 2017 Introducing the New Order Form

We are excited to introduce you to our New Order Form that our team has been working hard to design and building the previous months! 
With new features and a beautifully redesigned interface, it makes it a lot easier and fast for everyone to use in order to create and edit skimmed and pop under campaigns. 

August 31, 2016 Upcoming events September 2016

Next month brings in several industry events so Trafficshop made sure we are present at all of them. 

Feel free to contact team members to schedule a meeting at one of the upcoming conferences. We are always happy to hear from you and have a face to face meeting. 

Xbizberlin in Berlin on 11-14th September 

Webmasteraccess in Amsterdam on 15-19th September 

TheEuropeanSummit in Prague on 20th-23rd September 

July 14, 2016 Meet Trafficshop at AWE in Berlin

We are happy to announce participation in the Affiliate World Conference Europe (AWE) in Berlin 18-19th July.

Trafficshop sales team will be happy to meet current and potential clients to talk about cooperation opportunities, new traffic sources and advertising formats which have been added this year, help you optimize your campaigns, choose best traffic stragegy for your media needs. 

Look out for Alisya Strongs and Katherine Lewis who will be attending the conference and networking events 17-19th July.

Feel free to contact them to book a meeting: 

Alisya -Sales Director

Katherine-Senior Sales Manager

June 21, 2016 Hot! Mobile banners

Mobile banners are available now for  those who have an account at Trafficshop. Feel free to login and check this new feature 

Lots of geos available, low minimum bids, RON campaigns, lots of macros you can use for tracking your campaign's results. 

Trafficshop Team

July 01, 2015 Trafficshop adds banner ads

Great news from Trafficshop! We've added display ads on our new platform. CPM banners in different niches with lots of targeting features are available for advertisers. Contact your account manager or send a message to our Support Department to get set up.